Monday, 22 September 2014

Modern Outdoor Daybed Design Ideas and Features

Daybeds are a supreme example of functional style of furniture. Daybed design ideas are getting more aerodynamic by the day, and their utility serving abilities are increasing as well.  It is a sofa, a bed, underneath the daybed is lots of space and mostly, packs a trundle bed in it also. The daybeds are a representation of the modern-family, which is getting squeezed in day-by-day and has to figure out ways to deal with this space crunch.


• To accommodate more guests
• For children sleepovers
• Used in an office space to relax

Materials Available

Different types of material are available for daybeds like wood, metal, wood and metal and wicker. While the metal daybeds are preferred for sleeping purposes, the wood ones are used for lounging.
Wood and wicker are the more contemporary mediums used in daybeds these days. The metal ones give a more traditional look, but provide greater sturdiness. The material and style of design should be chosen according to the tastes and preferences of the buyer, without getting influenced by other factors.

Outdoor Daybed


The design of the daybed and its features should be decided upon after carefully considering the purpose that is to be served. For example, poolside daybeds might require a lot of privacy and thus might need full covering. Similarly, the style pf the daybed, for example, Victorian, masonic or contemporary styles of daybeds are available.

Things to Look for
The quality of wood decides the stability of the daybed. Wood from coniferous trees such as pine, fir etc. is soft and generally prone to scratches. Buyers prefer plywood these days as it gives the required strength to last long.

The finish should be good. Proper sanding, staining and finishing should have been carried out for high quality results.


They are pull-out beds stored under a day bed.  It can be rolled up along ide the daybed to form together a big bed. A good quality mattress should be opted for in case of heavy use combined with ample pillows for both sleeping and lounging purposes.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The metal and wicker daybeds are easy to clean. Just a rub with soapy water does the job. To maintain the sheen on wooden daybeds of teak, cedar etc. a frequent polyvinyl cleaner brushing should be done. Look for scratches and splinters on the surface. Sanding removes these potentially hazardous sharp pieces.

Daybeds are easy to fit, well accommodating and space creating furniture that are easy to maintain and maneuver. They serve multiple purposes and thus, have become essential in any modern-day household.


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