Monday, 20 August 2012

Contemporary and affordable: Ashley Dining sets

Ashley furniture’s is the largest home furniture manufacturing company. It was founded by Carlyle Weinberger in 1945. Since then, it has grown into a successful furniture manufacturing company. Ashley furniture believes in innovative design and high quality product. They understand their customer’s need and value their commitment to offer best quality product that guarantees hundred percent customer satisfactions. It’s their dedication to their commitment and vision that made them America’s leading furniture manufacturer. Their immense success lies in their customer centric approach to offer top quality product at optimum price to their customer. Ashley’s manufacture their product in the state of the art manufacturing method, they are able to cut the middleman or dealers cost. They have strategically located warehouse which can deliver products by their owned trucks to the customer location within a specified limit. Ashley’s offer all kinds of furniture from Ashley dining tables to bar furniture. They are made under strict quality control. Material used is generally hardwood and other high quality wood. From modern styles and design to old fashioned classy look, Ashley’ offer wide range of furniture product for their customers. Their effort is to reduce waste of production to be able to offer their products at best prices to their customers.

 Ashley Furniture has never failed their customers, by offering top quality product in new and innovative design they have become the premier home furniture brand in America. When looking for an ideal dining set to enhance your dining room the foremost choice that comes to mind is Ashley’s dining tables. Before finalizing on a dining set, it is pivotal to consider the size of the room. Since the size of the dining table must be in accordance with the space available. Also, there are many styles of dining set ; the style of dining set must coordinate with the interior décor of the dining room or living room, incase , the dining and living room are interconnected. There are main two categories of style in dining set; formal and casual. Casual dining sets are for interiors that has an informal appeal. Generally, in casual styled dinning sets, the tables are round or square shaped with low chairs or comfort chairs.

Another popular style is formal dining sets. Ashley dining tables sets are also available in contemporary formal style. They are sophisticated in style with smooth finish. Formal style dining sets are straight lined in which tables are rectangular shape. Formal style can accommodate six to eight seating. The price of Ashley’s furniture is not exorbitant. Customers can buy a top quality product without pinching a hole in their pocket.


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