Monday, 16 June 2014

Vinyl Decals for Your Business

Many individuals require the knowledge of vinyl decals. So, a detailed information related to vinyl decals is being offered here.

What are vinyl decals?

Decals are of different materials. Paper material, vinyl material and transparent or clear vinyl material is used mostly. Vinyl are poly vinyl carbonate films. Decals are just like stickers which has an adhesive surface on its back. Vinyl decals are made and used for outdoor activities and is the most cost efficient way of marketing and promotion of a product or brand.

All the vinyl decals are cut from the different colored vinyl sheet materials. Vinyl decals are best for smooth impenetrable surface. Generally they don’t have any background. But different colors can be painted on it. The demand in personalization has been increased in a steady manner. This infused the requirement of custom vinyl decals.

Custom Vinyl Decals & Stickers

What are the parts and how to apply it?

The decals are consisted of three parts. The top layer of the decal is transfer tape. It looks like regular tape. It protects the decal. Actual vinyl decal is the middle layer. The backing is made up of waxy bottom which helps to sit the decal.Vinyl are vector files. Any editing in the size of the graphic cannot damage the quality of the picture.

What are the conditions for applying?

There are some pre-conditions to keep in mind:

• Avoid applying the decals in extreme cold weather.
• Avoid the extreme heat also. Try to apply it under the shades.
• Avoid using alcohol for the application of decal.
• Avoid using ice on the surface which may break or lift the pieces.
• Avoid touching the back side of the decal. The oils of the skin may block its sticking.
• Avoid using high pressure nozzle at the edges.
• Maintain using car wash.
• Avoid the application of wax on the designs or graphics.

How to remove decals?

All the decals are removable vinyl decals. Many people get confused during the removal of the decals. The improper way can damage the surface. Here two steps are being discussed.

• Heat and pull: Try to heat one edge of the decal. You can use a heat lamp, blow dryer, hot water as the heating tool. The heated edge can be lifted by using a sharp instrument. Then, the pulling can remove the decals from the surface in the easy way.

• Look for adhesive presence: Adhesive has the tendency of staying back. Any remaining adhesive can be removed with rubbing alcohol.

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