Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Guide to Choose Correct Outdoor Furniture

Life today has become surrounded by walls. We adorn them with pictures of beautiful landscapes, yet fail to step out and praise the true beauty that nature has to offer. It is imperative that we frequently step out of these confined spaces and connect with the outdoors.

Making the transition to outdoor living is tough, though. It needs a judicious allocation of resources and proper understanding of your needs and resources. Check out the following areas that you need to focus on before choosing your outdoor furniture-

Modern Outdoor Furniture

Function - Identify the purpose of the space. Will it serve as a dining area for those New Year gatherings or to handle birthday parties of your children?  Do you want it to be a quiet, warm nook where you can just laze out and enjoy the sunset with a drink? The functionality of the space plays a huge role in determining what kind of furniture to be bought.  The space perspective i.e. the amount of space you have will decide the quantity and distribution of the furniture.

Comfortability- Always prefers comfort over looks when buying outdoor furniture as it will be used a lot. You don’t want to trudge back to your room after trying very hard to enjoy the moonlit night on a cramped up armchair.

Durability- Purchase easy care furniture for outdoors as it is going to be continuously exposed to the forces of nature. There are a lot of stylish and modern outdoor furniture designs available in teak, cedar, wood, metal and all-weather wicker pieces that are unfazed by whatever nature brings their way.

Minimalistic- Reserve the bulk of your garden to enjoy the open spaces (after all, that is the idea).Go for furniture that can be folded and put away easily during the not-so-friendly seasons.

Dual Purpose- Looks for efficient furniture. A wood block piece that can serve as your center table and also be used for extra seating or simple benches that can cozy up to a dining table are essential for outdoor spaces.

Selecting furniture is never an easy task. It should suit your needs while being consistent with your tastes. It must neither take up too much space nor too much money. Over and above, it needs to be comfortable, so that you can proudly show off your patio and say “who needs a wall anyway?”


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