Friday, 21 February 2014

Role of Various Parts of Chef’s Uniform

When a person enters a professional or corporate world, there are certain codes of conduct that he or she has to follow. Apart from various rules and regulations related to working environment, dress code is another important factor that needs their full attention. It is true that clothes that a person wears reflect his or her personality to the core. Every profession has its own code for clothes. Just like others, even chefs have to follow a particular dress code. They have to wear a chef dress when they are on their job or in simple words, when they are performing various kitchen related activities.

Why is it important for the chefs to wear chef’s dress?

While imagining a chef working, usually, the first thing that comes to our mind is a person clad in white chef uniform working in a kitchen with so many food items and ingredients around. By wearing a chef’s uniform, the main motive of these people is to promote professionalism. Apart from this, there are certain reasons that make this dress to be worn by every professional chef mandatory. Chef clothes comes in various parts and every part has its own role to play which, forms a part of reasons that are responsible for this code of dress. Some of those parts are:

•    Chef jacket: as these jackets are double breasted, they prevent hot spills, splatters, burns, and other kitchen mishaps form happening to you.
•    Chef pants: these chef pants protect you from hot foods and liquids from making contact with your skin as they are baggy in shape.
•    Chef hats: the main purpose of a chef hat is to keep hair out of your food and sweat off your face while working in the kitchen. They come in various shapes and sizes.
•    Chef aprons: it is the most important part of a chef’s plays a major role in protecting you from hot splashes, hot foods, and other kitchen dangers. It acts as a barrier and does not let any hot food to spill on your other clothes. They also come in various shapes and designs. For example, you can buy full bistro apron or waist chef aprons as per your suitability.

Thus, by looking at the above mentioned advantages of wearing a chef uniform, we can say that it is of high importance and every chef should follow this code of conduct while working.

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