Sunday, 25 November 2012

Some simple ideas for outdoor artificial flower arrangements

Silk flowers are considered to be a perfect alternative for real flowers and can last indefinitely if kept with proper care and maintenance. Moreover, they also look quite attractive and can enhance the overall appearance of your house. Many people create silk flower arrangements to enhance the outdoor area of their house. There are numerous ways through which you can arrange and display silk flowers outdoors that can simply transform your backyard into an attractive and stylish porch or patio. Some simple ideas for artificial flower arrangements for your outdoor areas are:

  • Wreath – You can simply hang a wreath of silk flowers on the front side of your door to create a welcoming effect. Additionally, you can also display them on the wall of the porch or the patio to create a splash of color. As silk flower wreaths are quite easy to create, it is one of the most popular flower arrangements that are experimented by most of the people.
  • Swag – A swag created from silk flowers can be displayed in the same manner as wreaths. It is loosely assembled half circle of flowers, rather than full circle and arches up in the middle while the sides gracefully drop down. Silk flower swags can be easily created by inserting some assorted flower stems into a dry block of foam.
  • Hanging basket – these are one of the most popular artificial flower arrangements that is created by people and simply hung in their backyards to create a soothing effect in the warmer months of the year.
  • Tabletop arrangements – Different flowers can simply be accumulated to create an arrangement and then potted on a tabletop in the garden area. In fact you can also put loose stems of silk flowers in a vase or push them into dry floral foam and position them in a basket or container.  "technorati.Tokan": CV6Z6WM5UUZB


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